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Scanning / OCR Services

  • Scanning
  • The process leads to converting paper documents into electronic image formats. Small format (Letter/Legal/A4 sized) paper documents are scanned using high-speed production scanner.

    We support all major image and document management system formats (Adobe Acrobat, Alchemy Data Grabber, ASCII Text, Docu-ROM/FileTRAX Queue, DocuPACT, File Magic Plus, FileNET Panagon, HTML, I-PRO 2000, Intellect 95, JPG Images Only, Keyfile, Kodak IBS, LaserFiche, Lason Visions, MS Word, MS Excel, Multi-Page TIFF Images Only, InBase, OmniForm, OmniPage, Optika FPmulti, OTG Record-Out Format, PaperClip, PaperFlow Data Group, PRODUCT4, PSI Digital Xpress Reports)

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • OCR is a process that recognizes the printed words that are present on a physical document. OCR is generally used when processing documents that are printed in "normal" printer or typewriter fonts. Little or no editing is usually needed for clearly printed documents. No OCR software is 100% accurate. The accuracy of conversion depends on the quality of the original. OCR is suitable for:

    • Converting paper documents to a text format (like MS Word) so that you can then edit them
    • Converting manuals and other publications for sharing over the Internet or your company's intranet
    • Producing a database of information so you can get at, apply and analyze it
  • PDF File Conversion
  • We provide PDF scanning and conversion. We convert scanned documents into image only PDF files or to fully searchable image plus hidden text. We also offer bookmarking and linking services.

    PDF (Portable Document Format) files are a standard format for document storage, integration to EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems ) and use over the Internet. PDF files can be viewed, navigated, and printed on any PC with Acrobat® Reader installed. Acrobat® reader is free of charge and can be downloaded from here. In addition, most users are already familiar with PDF documents.

    PDF files can be made searchable. Users can quickly search for a specific text within the documents. PDF file format allows for multipage pages navigated by clicking bookmarks or links, scrolling through the pages or by word searching.

    Additionally, we can index the PDF files to create a PDF library allowing the user to search by file name.

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