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Presentations (Binders) Formatting

This service is useful for companies (organizations) conducting regular events (conferences, seminars, workshops) involving numerous thematic presentations. The process includes:

  • adjusting the presentations for optimal printout within the required paper format (letter, legal, A4)
  • converting the different presentations from their original format (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect) into searchable PDFs
  • adding standard headers/footers to the individual presentations. The headers/footers can include dynamic content elements like page #, # of pages, speakers name, date/time
  • combining the individual PDFs into a single searchable PDF file allowing easier distribution and printout
  • creating tools for easier file navigation - table of contents (TOC), bookmarks, links

We can deliver different versions of the combined PDFs optimized for various purposes like web publishing, e-mail distribution, color (print shops) printing, grayscale (office) printing

All produced PDFs comply with either (both):

  • PDF/A (for long-term archiving) – for files intended to be suitable for long-term preservation of page-oriented documents
  • PDF/X (for best graphic arts files exchange) - the aim is for a digital content file that will run through prepress without requiring rework or causing errors and be printed predictably and correctly whether it is a single print job or a magazine ad placed in many publications and printed across the world.

Please, submit an inquiry to receive a quote or upload your files for a free audit.

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