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E-mail Marketing Campaigns

We aim to take care for the entire e-mail marketing process, including:

  • Mailing list creation:
    • E-mail subscription (un-subscription) web-form with the following commands available:
      • Subscribing
      • Unsubscribing
      • Updating a recipient
      • Getting the available lists (for administrators)
      • Getting a subscriber list (for administrators)
      • Creating lists (for administrators)
      • Removing lists (for administrators)
      • Renaming a list (for administrators)
    • Manual data entry – the recipients data is typed and then is available in various formats  - the data can also be viewed as described in ’Getting the available lists (for administrators)’
    • Mailing list entries import – the data is imported from sources provided by the customer and is available for review and update
  • Bulk e-mail sending: merging and sending out customized e-mail messages. Currently we can send about 10 000/day, with an option of upgrading to 50 000/day. The messages can contain an ‘Unsubscribe’ link for automatic removal from the respective list
  • Bounce e-mails handling: electronically monitoring the respective mailboxes for returned (undelivered) messages. The respective accounts can be automatically either deleted or marked as ‘probably bad’
  • E-mail tracking: by incorporating small piece of HTML code in the messages, we can track when the respective message is opened and if any link (within the message) is clicked. The reports can be supplied in HTML, text or spreadsheet format

Please, submit an inquiry to receive a quote or upload your files for a free audit.

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