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Database Driven (Dynamic) Publications

The service is useful for companies (organizations) conducting regular events (conferences, seminars, workshops) and need a quick and cost effective way to have their marketing brochures, leaflets, catalogs and other promotional materials ready for office (in-house) or commercial printing.

This is achieved by creating a template, where some (or all) areas are linked to a data source (XML file). XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. A markup language is a technique for marking, or tagging, content - text, graphics, or other elements — with codes to identify it for some secondary purpose or application. Shortly - by having a good template and different sets of data, the customers can have their publications looking similar and with the content needed for the respective event.

The process includes:

  • creating the Adobe Indesigntemplate;
  • designing the XML data structure (data scheme);
  • linking the XML tags with the page elements and the styles;
  • testing the XML import feature with a number of data sets;
  • creating 5-10 sample publications and ‘fine-tuning’ the process of the data and files exchange;
  • preparing and delivering the brochures on a predefined or customer communicated basis.

Please, submit an inquiry to receive a quote or upload your files for a free audit.

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